You curse your future when you hide behind partisanship, social media to insult others – Prof. Gyampo

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Party supporters, who out of excessive partisanship and the ‘facelessness’ of social media, use derogatory words against people who are old and accomplished in their respective fields are invoking curses upon themselves, Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo has said.

Professor Gyampo cannot fathom why some party footsoldiers on social media want everybody to think like them hence rain insults on people who constructively criticize their respective parties irrespective of the calibre of the persons offering the critique.

He, therefore, condemned elders of the various political parties who fail to call their party footsoldiers to order but rather go to the extent of financing them to insult people who dissent their opinions. To Professor Gyampo, all these high ranking politicians are contributors to the moral breakdown of the Ghanaian society.

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With this, he advised the various party supporters to desist from such acts since they are doing themselves more harm by invoking curses on their future.

“You hide under the cloak of excessive partisanship, and the facelessness of Facebook to insult people who are old enough to be your fathers and accomplished enough to be your mentors. Young man, you invoke needless curses on yourself and make your own future bleak by your brazen disregard for basic values of society,” portions of a Facebook post by the Professor read.

He further explained that “the day we all think alike, there will be no society. Impliedly, there are bound to dissent. What makes us human beings and separates us from other living things, is our ability to reason to offer dissenting views and to critique. To criticize isn’t to insult.”

“Elders in the country, who have refused to speak against the disregard of values that shape our nation, and politicians who actually pay money to people just to insult those whose views are considered unpopular, must be blamed,” he said.

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“Dear young man, Dear young woman, Please note that the politicians you support and defend to the hilt through insults, will not allow their own children to behave the way you behave on social media. Actually, they are training their own children to be respectful, courteous, civil, tolerant, and decorous. Please be wise, for the sake of your own future. Because you cannot tell who may be of help to you in the future, do not hide behind the facelessness of Facebook to strain relations that may be valuable tomorrow. Speak your mind. Express dissent. Criticize. But let all these be anchored in our societal values,” Professor Gyampo admonished.


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