Why PDS should never be given the chance – Never!!

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I read somewhere on “energeynewsafrica.com” a lazily crafted article on “Why PDS should be given the chance. In fact, it smacked of a copy and paste argument given to a class 6 child to present as “completed homework”. The percentages given were too good to be true, the numbers quite unpersuasive, and the illustration merely hypothetical as any discerning reader would notice. Maybe he was hoping that the hallucination in the minds of his teachers at PDS would come true; very unconvincing, false, and purposely for propaganda.

Let me suggest to the writer that this whole takeover was the machination of President John Mahama and his NDC stooges, set up in 2016. First of all, it is alleged that PDS is made up of three factions, as follows: Jospeh Siaw Agyepong’s poodles, allegedly including David Asare and Hutting-Mensah, who were said to be responsible for financial losses of over 50 Million USD, having awarded the Zoomlion Boss a huge contract, almost as soon as PDS took over the  distribution services from ECG.

The second is the Manilla group of crooks who are said to have registered lame offshore companies in tax haven countries to bolster the image of PDS when it finally was registered. These are camouflaged NDC minions collecting money under guise to support John Mahama’s bid, after all, Jospong is directly accused of being the main cash cow for this purpose.

Then there is the beleaguered group associated with government supposedly overlooking the operations of PDS. These are the people who finally woke up to the reality of the perceived NDC scam that PDS turned out to be. It is a total fallacy that Gabby Otchere-Darko, Ken Ofori-Atta, Keli Gadzekpo and others are shareholders in PDS. It is as “BALD a LIE” as John Mahama’s bid to justify the flight of two million guinea fowls to Burkina Faso during his reign!!! Why do people lie like that? Chai! This third group that is watching the purse of government raised some genuine red flags over the maneuverings of PDS. The government subsequently suspended their operations and reversed the status quo back to the original.

The exposure of PDS as a poisonous mushroom in the field of government’s excellent governance, has awoken the propagandists to claim that ECG was not honouring its side of the bargain in a way to suggest that the latter was not paying Power Producers. Meanwhile, PDS was paying ECG what would seem to be drops of water hoping that by some miracle these dregs would transform into a pool, which would eventually carry their fake vision of being the efficient Power Distributor Ghana has always needed. It cannot take root because in order to boost the corruption levels, PDS shared contracts like the gargantuan Zoomlion’s (Jospong’s) that allowed him to bag millions of US Dollars which would have rather brought much needed relief to ECG.

My beef with the writer of the article on “energynewsafrica” is that he sought to make a case for PDS forgetting that by that he was aiding and abetting an NDC diabolical case of corruption that was originally tailored to smear the NPP with. So having “given them a chance”, they proved their incompetence as suspected, and now they are in a dark cloud waiting for the final countdown to their total obliteration.

Let me challenge them to make known to the public how much money they have so far paid to ECG against the massive consumption of electricity that they have received in bulk. I dare them to declare what the whole nation wants to know in terms of their obligations to ECG that they never honoured. I demand that the shameful contracts given Zoomlion’s Jospong and others be made public.

Tweaaaa! So why throw dust into the eyes of the public by transferring the load of incompetence that they are carrying on their coconut heads to that of ECG, which, in comparison is more efficient and very competent! Besides, the figures indicated in the energynewsafrica.com article are very false and I quote, “When it comes to system losses, PDS met a system loss level of 27.3% but has worked tirelessly to reduce it to a figure of 18.6%, as at the end of June 2019, through various technical and commercial interventions.”

The statement is very false because the reduced figure is rather 22.5% over the quarter instead of 18.6%. The system losses met were near 25% and not 27.3%, so PDS didn’t achieve much except to say that they allegedly enriched the Jospong and Manilla bipartite axis of evil.

Under this current administration of ECG, before the distribution services were handed over to PDS, power outages were in fact history. PDS seemed to have brought back the incompetence of the NDC that they are suspected to be playing ball for. Under PDS, it is never true to say that they reduced the incidences of power outages nationwide as against the performance of ECG.

In fact, in the few months of their existence, PDS supervised systemic power outages with lame excuses as putting in place facilities to better service the consumers. I challenge them to come out with authentic figures.

Oh, and about the Bonds that PDS was supposed to have presented as part of the deal, they do not seem to be possible because of the baselessness of the whole setup. Bibiara at) nsuomo! Like the Americans would say, “WHAT A CROCK”!!!

Source: Fadi Dabbousi  

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