The Auditor-General, CSOs’ tears are inconsistent with the facts on the ground!

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I was numbed with shock and trepidation upon hearing that some Civil Society Organisations converged, themed their discussion on the Auditor General, Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo, and created the impression that the Akufo-Addo administration has been an obstacle in the ways of the man who is charged with the responsibility of helping to protect our public purse.

They cited the seeming scuffle between the Auditor General and the Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo Maafo about monies Mr. Domelevo alleges the top political figure paid to Kroll for no work done as one of the reasons for them to believe that this government is in the habit of putting impediments in his way.

They also said that the board chairman of the Audit Service also took Domelevo on over what Mr. Duah Agyeman described as breaches in the procurement processes when the entity went ahead to buy cars without due diligence, and that was indicative of the fact that the revered Domelevo was being hounded by the Akufo-Addo administration.

The CSOs also said that AFAG, a pro-NPP pressure group, took the Auditor General on since last year or two over alleged procurement breaches.

CSOs are known to be kingpins when it comes to research works, but for about twenty organisations to claim that AFAG started this whole ‘anti-Domelevo’ war in over a year was a puzzle that created chaos in my mind. In fact, AFAG wrote its petition to President Akufo-Addo in late September 2019. Let me just grant them this, even Homer nods, though their nodding has some strange attachments to it.

It is all doom and gloom, they said. The Akufo-Addo Government has been strangulating Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo, they claim. In fact, the man, according to the CSOs, is suffocating under President Akufo-Addo and that he has always been at the receiving end of attacks from operatives and top guns of the ruling party.

I have already alluded to the weak research departments of the CSOs and that explains why something of substance, something of evidential value escaped their prying eyes.

The Auditor-General, Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo said something about this present administration and how happy he is with the support and cooperation he is enjoying. In June 2019, at an OccupyGhana organized event, Mr. Domelevo enthusiastically heaped praises on the Akufo-Addo Government for the support he was being given. In his own assessment, the Akufo-Addo administration was second to none in terms of the support the office has enjoyed under the two regimes.

Speaking at the Audit Service/OccupyGhana anniversary lecture in Accra in June 2019, he had this to say “the Executive has been very supportive”. He went on to say, “I have received not everything that I wanted but a substantial increase in support has been received”.

“I must say the Executive has played its part. I hope you are aware when there was a change in government the first announcement we heard was a ban on procurement of vehicles… but this was the time government gave us permission to buy 34 vehicles to support the Audit Service. We had never bought 10 vehicles in the history of the Audit Service before, but this permission was granted up till today some people are struggling to get clearance to recruit staff,” an obviously elated Domelevo told his audience at the British Council Hall in Accra.

He also said in his speech that “as of today, we have recruited from 2017 to date more than 400 additional staff just to support us to do our work.” He could not but note with emphasis that “I must say that it has been a collaboration and I love it a lot.”

In 2016, budget allocation to the Audit Service was GHC14 million but only GHC9 million was released to the outfit. In 2017, the Akufo-Addo Government released GHC19 million to the service. In 2018, GHC33 million was released to the Audit Service, and in 2019, GHC33 million was released to the service.

If Mr. Domelevo said all these about the Akufo-Addo Government in June 2019, how can the same administration be accused of being antagonistic towards the Auditor General?

It is quite ironic that a Government Mr. Domelevo says has supported him more than any other before him, touting the cordiality between him and the administration, and the same Government is being lampooned?

The impression that the Auditor General is above reproach is one of absurdity. The Auditor-General is not a law to himself. He holds no supremacy over the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. He and his office are not above the law. The CSOs, in my candid opinion, did not do any due diligence before running to the defense of the Auditor General with their emotion-laden statements.

Source: P.K. Sarpong

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