Terrorism Threat: Report any suspicious activity to authorities – National Security admonishes public

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Government has announced that Ghana has currently become a target for terrorism groups operating in the West African Sub-Region.

In view of the threat, the government is urging all Ghanaians to be security conscious and report any activity found suspicious to authorities for immediate action.

The government made this appeal on Sunday, May 22, when the National Security engaged the media on the recent security threat facing the country as a result of their heightened activities of extremists within the sub-region.

Addressing the media, Deputy National Security Coordinator, Edward Kweku Asomani explained that intelligence report and the trend of the activities of terrorists in the neighbouring countries put Ghana at a great risk of attack.

He further added that there is a southward drift of these extremists in their attempt to get access to the sea and also get hold of places where there are deposits of precious natural resources.

Since Ghana possesses there factors sought by the terrorists, the country is currently on the radar for these terrorists and hence prone to attack.

He therefore stated that there is the need for Ghanaians to be aware of the risk at hand so that our security can be enhanced.

“We are not insulated from those attacks therefore we think Ghanaians should be aware. The nature of the threat is such that its not conventional warfare. They don’t come in with APCs and fighter jets. They come in all forms. It could be your pastor in the church, cleric in the mosque, individuals coming as CSOs purporting to do community work. That means that we all have to be vigilant. Also we know that, the terrorists want access to the sea,” Mr. Edward Kweku Asomani noted.

He continued that, “the nature of the various attacks we have had in the sub-region indicate that wherever they go, there is some form of mineral or natural resources there particularly gold. So the question therefore is if they attack cities and towns in Burkina Faso that has gold deposits, clearly Ghana would be an interest. This has been the pinnacle of the southward drift of terrorists.”

“We are clearly therefore a target and that is why we are here today to seek the support of Ghanaians that you need to help the security and intelligence agencies. You need to report any suspicious activity that you see.” the deputy National Security Coordinator urged the public.


SourceABC News

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