‘Sex for grades’: I can’t manipulate grades of someone who isn’t my student – Prof. Gyampo narrates encounter with disguised BBC reporter

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Embattled Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon, Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo has in a narration indicated that there is no way he can manipulate the grades of someone who is not under his tutelage, ABC News can report.

In a BBC Africa documentary, ‘Sex for grades’, Prof. Gyampo was accused the Professor was seen making some sexually inappropriate comments to a BBC Africa Eye undercover journalist who posed as a student at the University.

The video has caused social media uproar with a section of the public, especially ladies, alleging instances of numerous sexual harassment by lecturers in universities across the time.

However, in what could be termed as a vehement denial, Prof. Gyampo stated that the purported video is misleading since he is not guilty of the accusations being leveled against him.

Speaking in an interview with Accra based Joy News, the lecturer claimed the news making rounds is a deliberate attempt by some political actors to run him down and cause him reputational damage.

He believes harassing someone for sex in exchange for grades can only be between a lecturer and his student but according to him, in a case where the object of harassment is not his student, it cannot be termed as ‘sex for grades’.

The confident-looking lecturer added that he is ready to face anything that comes at him once he is certain that he did not go against any rules or regulations set by the institution in which he teaches.

“In our university, we talk about sexual harassment when it’s happening between a student and his lecturer, where the lecturer has a say in determining her grade so you want to change her grades or if you don’t allow me to do XYZ with you I will fail you or something, that’s what we term harassment but this is the case the person when she came here right from the word go we had agreed she wasn’t a student, she wasn’t my student, she’s not even a student in the University and so how do I manipulate the grades of somebody who’s not even my student and a student of the University and all that.

“It’s calculated effort and attempt by some people to just run my name and my image in the mud, maybe to see whether that will silence me but I understand the game, once I have not run afoul of my own university’s rule, once I have not gone to sleep with anybody and change the grades, I am resolved and resilient, I will be myself, these things would not do anything to me. It’s part, I mean if you hit at people, expect them to also hit at you. And this is not the first time this is happening and so we have the skin, we would shoulder, we would stand some of these” he indicated.

Professor Gyampo, in an attempt to defend himself narrated the incidents which led to him meeting ‘Abigal’ [how the BBC reporter chose to be called]

“I just came to my office one day, sat down, after sitting down, I was just about rushing into another meeting when  my assistant just informed me that there’s this lady who has been here for about 20 times, anytime she comes she doesn’t meet you so I’m pleading with you try and meet her for me, I said okay, bring her in and they brought the lady in and she came to sit where you are sitting”.

“You are very articulate, you’re very confident, I admire you, I like the way you keep politicians on their toes, every lady I’ve spoken to wants to have you as a friend, she said all manner of things and I said “my friend, tell me why you came in here and stop these things and she said well, she’s writing a research that she wants me to mentor and supervise, you know she said she was writing about Academic freedom, around that time I had spoken extensively against the draft public university bill  so she felt that given my stance on that I could be of help and so I gave her the needed directions”.

“So she termed her own name as Abigail. When she came the first day I asked her to go and do research about how University Professors are appointed in Germany because I was told the University Professors in Germany sometimes in their appointment the Government or the local authorities have a say, I wanted to understand so that I can also fashion out an argument to be able to make a case for our situation so she brought this paper [points to a paper in his hands] we discussed it extensively and subsequently she became like a friend because apart from why she came here, she would wake up in the morning and text how are you doing and we had that form of conversation so most of the conversation we had were in my office with my four assistants here, how can i harass somebody in the full glare of my assistants so we all shared conversations and we all laughed and joked about it and all that, the next thing I heard was that BBC says some conversations I had with her were inappropriate and so it amounts to harassment, how do I harass her?” he narrated.

Professor Gyampo on the grounds that ‘Abigail’ wasn’t his student, argued that he cannot be indicted for something that has nothing to do with his ‘professional relationship with a student’.

“She was sent to come and trap so in the process of her entrapment, she became a friend and we had our conversation as friends and some of the conversations were very informal but we were all mindful of the fact that it has got nothing to do with my professional relationship with a student and all that and so if you’ve looked the video you can see that it’s got nothing to do with somebody having sex… How do you talk about sex for grades between a lecturer and somebody who’s not his student and so it is misleading” he noted.

Source: ABCNewsgh.com

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