[Opinion] Say no to ethnocentric and tribal comments

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Ethnocentrism according to Wikipedia is the belief that one’s culture is superior to all other cultures.

Ethnocentrism is a term which is mostly used in social sciences in reference to the act of believing that one’s culture is superior to all other cultures. It also describes Tribalism as the state of being organized by, or advocating for, tribes or tribal lifestyles.

Anything borne out of these two terms exudes discrimination, violence, and hate. This must not and must never be entertained anywhere near our social fibre.

So, it is quiet unfortunate that, of late, politicians have decided to play this card very often and intend to use this to drive rift between us. We are all one people and so we must be and stand with one another. We are never an island on our own. What happens to another will affect us just like COVID-19. So, say No to tribal comments or sentiments.

PNC’s General Secretary urges Police to go after National Chairman, Bernard Mornah for making alleged treasonable comments

The people of Volta Region must rise to the occasion and resist the attempt of politicians who are trying to drive in the tribal hate among them. It is time they showed themselves not to be of any political party and this must be the same with all other regions. We are one Ghana and one people.

What we need is development as a people and above all our peace. Who cares which political party will give us that? What is being done now is the same thing that we experienced in the Northern part of Ghana. The peace we enjoy now is something we pray stays forever. So, I hate it when I see politicians dragging other regions down the painful, hateful, violent, and underdevelopment path like some parts of the North because of conflict.

We hear in the media suggestions that Northerners are violent. The media (Some of them) and others (especially politicians) fronted the idea that anyone coming from the Northern part of Ghana was violent and that is what some people still grow up thinking. Is it true? An emphatic NO! So, how then did this happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

Gov’t keen on preventing terrorist attacks – Akufo-Addo explains reasons for military presence at border towns

A domestic fight or some few violent acts happens in some remote village somewhere and an ignorant journalist who knows nothing or little about it for want of cheap popularity generalizes it by saying there is violence in the Northern part of the country.

Forgetting that over 99.9% of the place is relatively peaceful.

Politicians thrive when there are conflicts or confusion. These same politicians will clash our heads together and when we are in disarray, they sit back and enjoy the spoils. This is what we must prevent from happening to our brothers and sisters of the Volta Region.

We have seen what has become of some prominent, developing, and great town like Yendi, Bawku, Bimbilla, and the likes. These are town whose development have been hindered due to violence been fueled by some greedy and power-drunk politicians somewhere.

Why must we continue to suffer whiles some few greedy and self-centered people all in the name of their political ambitions and interest continue to enjoy with their families? Why?

Volta Region is part of Ghana and in fact, all Voltarians just like any of us are Ghanaians and we will not let any politician say otherwise. Security personnel are sent to guard and man our borders and that is it?

It’s nauseating hearing statements of corruption from holier-than-thou politicians – Franklin Cudjoe

If you have done nothing or have nothing to hide, why will you be afraid of some security man walking on the streets? Besides, when did the border towns become the whole of Volta Region? So, why allow politicians to generalize that someone hates all Voltarians all because some security personnel were deployed to one destination?

When will all this stop? But who even said all Voltarians are NDC and so could generalize that everyone there is been disenfranchised? Are there not NPP and other party members also there? I do not get it all.

Any political party who preaches violence or fans the flames of ethnocentrism is an enemy to our peace and the entire peace of the country. As simple as that! They should do their politics but leave our tribes out of it.


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