Residents of chorkor resort to wee smoking to safeguard them against contracting COVID-19

Some ghetto boys in Chorkor have resorted to smoking weed to safeguard them against contracting the novel coronavirus.

The wee smokers believe they have found an antidote for COVID-19 and claim daily intake of cannabis will protect them from the virus.

A 25-year-old Aziz who spoke in an interview monitored by ABC News said he started using marijuana six years ago.

According to him, he used to smoke occasionally but things changed when Ghana started recording cases of COVID-19 thereby making him spend most of his time at the ghetto smoking.

He believes that users of cannabis are immune to COVID-19 and revealed how he has increased his dosage of taking cannabis.

He said, “When you smoke the weed, you’re not going to get infected. Right now we the smokers are smoking it times 20.”

“Before the virus, early in the morning I take two rolls; afternoon, two rolls; evening, two rolls but now from morning to afternoon, I take almost about 7 rolls, evening 4 rolls making it 11 rolls,” he added.

45-year-old Raymond Ankomah, also a resident of Chorkor said marijuana is now a major component of his diet taking it thrice daily.

He revealed that “we the smokers are immune to this virus, if one wishes to be immune from the coronavirus like us, then just use the herbs to prepare tea and drink in the morning or in the night. In the morning you can mix the substance with water and add sugar. Once you do that, you don’t have to be worried about contracting the virus.”

However, experts have revealed that wee smokers stand a high risk of dying from complications arising out of the disease.

Prof. Alfred Yawson of the University of Ghana Medical School in debunking the myth said “It has not been proven that smoking marijuana will protect you from COVID-19 and marijuana itself has its own effect already. And now increasing the usage and excessive use of it may have more ill effects than they would wish for. The doses that are used medically are way below what they use and then whatever elements that are contained in what they smoke can be very harmful to their body system. And especially when you’re increasing the amount that you smoke every day will have ill consequences.