Opposition to Anti-LGBTQ Bill: Akoto Ampaw hits back at critics; Calls for decorous debate devoid of insults

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Private legal practitioner and a leading member of the group of intellectuals opposing the Anti-LGBTQ Bill, Lawyer Akoto Ampaw has expressed his displeasure with the insults and name calling that are being directed at the group kicking against the criminalization of the activities to the LGBTQ movement.

According to the renowned lawyer, it is very unfortunate that the debate on the issue has been characterized by abusive words and derogatory comments.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based TV3 which was monitored by ABC News, Mr. Akoto Ampaw called on all stakeholders to address the important issues under discussion rather than the insults and name calling.

Mr Akoto Ampaw believes that the discussions can take place without abusive words and name calling.

“I hope that through these discussions, the discussion that is going on in the country now which hopefully will become less one of insults and name calling, we can address the main issues and reach a common conclusion as a society,” the private legal practitioner explained.

He further stressed that the issue under contention is not about the religious beliefs of a certain religion or the number of people that are in favour or against a certain position. To him, the issues bother on human rights and should be devoid of emotional and religious sentiments.

“First of all, I want to make the point clear that  this debate  is not about religious beliefs. Secondly, this debate is not about numbers. It is not lining up how many people support gays -30million,  how many people are against gay  – 2million, that is not the issue,” he noted.

He stressed that “the fundamental issue has to do with our constitution and rights .That is the basic issue that we have to address.”

According to him, they welcome the Majority Leader in Parliament’s announcement that the bill will not be discussed on the basis of religious beliefs and emotions.

He therefore stated that “it is a bit gratifying that just recently the Majority leader in Parliament said that the matter will not be discussed on the basis of religious beliefs. I think that is a major step forward if that is how parliament is going to address this matter. It is a constitutional matter.”

SourceABC News

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