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Nothing will ever please an ungrateful heart. They complain they want mango. Give them the mango. They will complain it is either too ripe, small, came late or too early, etc. Such is a heart that is desperately looking for something or someone to vent their frustrations and for want of words, blame their failures and mishaps on.

Suddenly, some of these people will come up with excuses to discredit any effort by the government such as, that is a basic necessity or they were supposed to do it or why then were they voted for if not to fix the situation?

Some of these people go like, he should have locked down or closed the borders fast. I ask, which country lockdown or closed their boarders faster? Name them. And are these countries without cases of the virus? A pandemic for that matter?

Some even go as far as saying the numbers are cooked. When you sample these opinions on the subject matter. One set will say, the government is inflating the figures to court public sympathy and gain donor support. Another will say, he is hiding the actual figures because according to their numbers we have more cases than it is put out there. For which matter the government is incompetent.

Negativity! Even the superpowers are hard-hit. What we fail to realize is that, even if the numbers are 1000 and more, the best one can do in a pandemic such as this, is to avoid fear and panic or manage it hence, why scare people?

Also, to those saying it is lower, we all know human nature. They claim we have no cases, and you will see people dare this pandemic and joke with their situation. Even with lockdown, people go out to check if it is true or test how effective it is.

Apart from the free water for all Ghanaians for 3 months, the government also provided so many other incentives. Is it enough? Definitely no but certainly worth commending his efforts and saying there is room for improvement. These measures are certainly welcoming news pleasing to the ear.

So, those saying he should have added electricity and so forth. My question is, God continually provides for you, gives you life and in fact, life in its abundance. When have you been content with what you have or had and have never coveted another or others? Appreciate what you have first then you will be able to appreciate more. If less is not enough, how do you expect to see, notice, and appreciate more when it does come? Be Grateful!

To all those who keep saying, this country has done this and has done that; etc. Well, congratulations to those countries. But certainly does prevent us from celebrating our little experiences and success.

Long Live Ghana and God Bless Us All.

Source: Victor Plance Puobabagna

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