[Opinion] If voter registration exercise is cancelled, should election 2020 also be postponed?

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So, I heard people sounding warnings about the implications of organizing or conducting the new voter’s registration exercise, arguing that in the midst of the pandemic of COVID-19, it is unthinkable, selfishness, greed, etc. You name them. I AGREE! Clap for yourselves for caring and loving Ghana and Ghanaians so much. Hurray, patriotic citizens.

Well, my simple question then is: Will it be right then to conduct a general election? Should we even be thinking of it in the first place considering that all the reasons given are genuine?

If we must conduct the elections at all cost, especially at a time when projections are that we will be at our most depressing and peak in COVID-19 cases, then what prevents us from doing it properly? What prevents us from carrying out the new voter’s register exercise so that we have a much more credible register for the elections? Or is it that the COVID-19 of July 2020 will be different from that of December 2020? Even if it is, then we should be fearing for the worse then.

So, if you are so passionate on Television, social media, etc. whether as a journalist, politician, footsoldier, ‘coloured political neutrals, self-proclaimed holier than thou patriotic citizens, etc. calling out the lapses in the registration processes, throwing jabs and insults at the EC and the government and who so ever matters, and see nothing wrong with carrying a December 7th, 2020 general elections; then sorry but I put it to you that you are dishonest, a hypocrite, you name it.

Postponement of December polls impossible – President Akufo-Addo

If you want fairness, launch a campaign to call off the elections and postpone it. If we are afraid that with this registration process, people will be infected, then I put you to you that, of what use is it to go and vote for a candidate come December 7, get infected and not leave to enjoy or experience the sort of Government we voted for?

The NDC and some people especially some self righteous and know-it-all journalists want us to believe they love Ghanaians and hence, it is rather the NPP that is putting Ghanaians in danger. If you are okay with the general elections coming up then you are all the names you call the EC, the NPP, and President Nana Addo government. As simple as that.

Are they Saying with or without the new voter’s register, elections shouldn’t go on or happen? If it would happen, wouldn’t people go out or troop their various polling centres to register?

By December 2020, with the way the numbers are increasing each day, wouldn’t the number of cases have sky rocketed? So, wouldn’t it be very dangerous then?

Since they DON’T want to put the lives of Ghanaians in danger, then why don’t they just forget about the elections and allow the NPP rule until when COVID-19 is under control? That way we will know they love Ghana.

Voter Registration Exercise: Take your health into your hands like grown ups – EC to applicants

Better, they should tell their members to boycott the registration that way they will at least safe some Ghanaians.

Anything different from these suggestions then they are playing the Ostrich in this case. Which is even more dangerous.

People behave as though none of us think or can decide for ourselves especially some media houses.

COVID-19 is a reality and is dangerous and there is no doubt about that. Why are the media houses and the NDC not rather calling for the postponement of the general elections since we are not in normal times. Can’t we at least forgo the elections for now until when it is safe? If NO, then no one has the moral right to call on the EC to stop what they are doing.

If we so much care about our lives and claim not to be HYPOCRITES and selfish bunch of people, then call off the elections for the greater good and allow the government continue to rule until when it is safe for a general election. After all, if it does happen that we go through all this and the NPP wins, it will still be the same government with so many infected citizens. Cos 90 I would say but just that this time around it would be cos 90 with negatives (More infected people).

So, I say to the know-it-all journalists out there including the NDC, if you want us to believe you care about Ghana and Ghanaians so much, let us come to a mutual agreement and say no to elections 2020. Allow the NPP carry on till when it is safe.


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