[Opinion] Has social media become a threat to our peace?

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I wonder why people resort to violence as a means of defending themselves. We will never ever on earth have everyone sharing the same opinion, NEVER!

Until we understand and appreciate this, we will always find it difficult to tolerate one another and development of the Nation and its people will always be backward.

Worse is when people sacrifice their lives to front the fortunes of a political party. There are limits to how far one should ever go. But in the end your life first and then your country comes seconds even before the so-called political parties.

To die for a politician is share foolishness especially when their family members are not at the forefront of the battle yet the end beneficiaries with you if lucky, the privilege to feed on the crumps of the remains of that.

We have gotten to the stage in our political democracy, that no one can share a neutral comment anymore and still belong to a political party.

Beg to differ from another and you are immediately tagged to the opposite party or ridiculed because you belong to or sympathize with another political party.

Social media has become an avenue for people to vent their frustration and anger on everyone else except themselves. The most ignorant, educated illiterates, intolerant, frustrated, bitter, insulting, moral deviants, etc. are found under posts or comments on social media.

As for social media, it is just as though the “DAMI”, “Draft” or whatever name one chooses to give it. It is said this is a game a chief is not allowed to play because it is game one must or is allowed to use all sorts of offensive words or language against their opponents, just to get under their skin to score a cheap advantage to win.

So just as this, on social media, you find all sorts of people mostly belonging to one religious body or the other with a few none believers trooping onto it to rain hell and fire sort of insults on anyone who dares to think otherwise or share a different opinion. Social media I would like to say emphatically has become a stage that is no respecter of age, colour, race, education, religion (God), etc. People lie and play the dirtiest of political propaganda one can ever think of.

So permit to ask, ‘Na Who Cause Am’? Did we go or did we come? What has become of our society that used to be built on societal norms and beliefs coupled with Godly religious beliefs? Are we safe? It passing day, this menace is becoming worse unabatedly.

Is it that politics has led to it or it is just a matter of a weak society with weak parental guidance and upbringing? Hmm, the future in terms of technological advancement though good is equally a huge threat to our once revered cultural and moral beliefs.

Why can’t we learn to disagree to agree? If we don’t get our way, why don’t we resort to less violent and abusive alternatives? History would remind us that, such behaviour only breeds contempt and destruction retarding the growth of anything and any nation.

We leave in a country where adults who should be role models, are rather the very people dragging the youth to destruction to fuel their greed and selfish ambitions. Look no further for such evidence than in every facet of our political discourse and dispensations. Politicians and Parliamentarians the main culprits. What a future we are building!

Well, I pray we the youth don’t follow blindly. I pray that we make our leaders know that respect for the authority doesn’t make us blind to see good and bad. I pray that above all, as a country we the youth stand up to uphold the invaluable peace we currently enjoy.

Politics is not a means to an end but part of the process.

Political differences don’t mean we are enemies but a means to ensure that there is variety in development.

Before politics, there was us and even after it, there will still be us. #Puobabangna

Long live Ghana and God bless us all.

Let Love lead.

Source: Victor Raul Puobabangna Plance

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