No compensation for okada accident victims as riders move without insurance

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People who use okada to commute on daily basis risk their lives as the commercial riders have not insured their motorbikes.

In an event of an accident, the passenger does not get compensated because the commercial motor riders, popularly called okada do not have an insurance cover for their bike.

The growing phenomenon of the use of motorbikes for commercial purposes gets worrying each day that passes by as their business is deemed illegal.

Okada operations, which used to be just a means of transport for rural folks is now a viable source of income for persons living in the capital city and other urban areas.

Although they have been warned to stop their operations, there has been significant rise in the use of motorbikes for commercial purposes because people patronise it in to avoid traffic.

The Road Traffic Regulation, 2012 (Legislative Instrument LI 2180) prohibits commercial use of motorbikes and forbids the Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) from licensing motorcycle or tricycle for commercial purposes except for courier and delivery services.

It is illegal to insure commercial motorcycles – NIC

Moreover, the National Insurance Commission (NIC) has warned insurance companies to desist from issuing vehicle insurance policies to motorcycles and tricycles used for commercial purposes.

In a statement signed by the Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Michael K. Andoh said “The Commission hereby directs all insurance companies to desist from issuing insurance policies to cover motorcycles and tricycles used for all commercial purposes except courier and delivery services. The commission will appropriately sanction any insurance Company that breaches this directive,” adding that “accident victims who were fare-paying passengers on motorcycles or tricycles will not qualify for compensation from the Motor Compensation Fund.”

Due to the directive by the NIC, ABC News stepped out to find out from the okada riders if their motorbikes have been insured.

Speaking to the riders, they confessed their bikes have not been insured although they know the risk involved.

According to some of them, insurance companies refuse to insure their motorbikes for them since their business is illegal in the country.

Others also said insuring it will be of no use because the police still arrest them with or without the insurance.

Those who claimed to have it had no insurance cover on their motorbikes and also failed to mention the insurance company they signed up with.

This means anyone who picks uses okada does so at his or her own risk since no compensation will be given to you should an accident occur.

SourceABC News

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