NDC has planted informants within the rank and file of NPP in parliament – Muntaka Mubarak reveals

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Minority Chief Whip and Member of Parliament for Asawasi Constituency in the Ashanti Region, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak has disclosed that the NDC has planted clandestine informants within the rank and file of their biggest rival, NPP.

Justifying the need for such an action, the minority leader explained that information is very key within the game of politics since you need to know beforehand what your opponent has up his/her sleeves.

Speaking in an interview with Accra-based JoyNews, the MP cited that it was through their agents they have planted within the NPP that enabled the minority to win the speakership.

“You need to know what the others are planning and what they’re trying to do. How did we get Speaker elected if we didn’t have someone? It’s not one person. It’s the reason why I became the agent myself,” he disclosed.

Disclosing how these moles are recruited, the MP explained that they mostly recruit disgruntled members who are bitter about how they have been treated by their leadership.

“When you’re provided leadership, it’s the price of leadership. You cannot appease everybody [so the disgruntled elements] whether on our side or on their side, you cannot. I have finance committee and people come and before they even get sworn in, people are filling the forms to be on finance committee,” he explained.

“We have only 12 seats on finance committee and I have 78 people who have completed the forms to be on finance committee and I have to take only 12, how can I please [everybody]?

“So by the time I’ll finish selecting 12 out of the 78 somebody will be happy. Somebody maybe, he didn’t get Finance he’s on Mines, he may take consolation. Some other person will never forgive you. Are you getting it? So you have that on both sides. Some will be very difficult to get, they may be very disgruntled and not happy on their side but they’ll not, but there are others who are so bitter that they’re willing to.”

SourceABC News

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