“…the sole multi-channel through which broadcasting can be transmitted in this country for now is full to capacity – there is absolutely no redundancy on it – for us as a country it is dangerous to be in this situation,” she argued.

However, management of GBC are against the move and seeking for redress from the National Media Commission.

A member of the Communications Committee in Parliament, Sam George has also accused the minister of trying to undermine the state broadcaster.

He thinks the Minister’s move was a “lazy” one, as there are other innovative ways of freeing space on the DTT platform rather than asking the state broadcast to give up spectrum.

But the Communications Minister, in a media engagement, emphasized that it is within her power to free up the DTT platform and the NMC cannot compel the ministry to rescind the directive.

“It is the multiplex which has capacity challenges and not spectrum and until such time as we acquire an additional multiplex to provide channels for broadcasting in this country, we have no other option than for a responsible ministry in a responsible government to sit with those who have excess capacity on that multiplex to cede some of it for the security of our own state,” she added.