Meet the 35-year-old Nurse who now doubles as a Lawyer

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Elizabeth Owusua became a social media sensation after she shared a LinkedIn post about how she fulfilled her dreams of becoming both a lawyer and a nurse.

In the post that was shared on numerous platforms, Elizabeth disclosed how she managed to work her way through achieving two of her three childhood dreams which were to become a Nurse, a Fashion Designer and a Lawyer.

Growing up at Asante-Akim Agogo in the Ashanti Region, 35-year-old Elizabeth shared with ABC News how she grew up with no father figure but with the support of her mother and grandmother, and other external family relatives, managed to get education up to Nursing training college at Korle Bu in Accra.

Though her family so much believed in education, getting her to complete the Nursing Training school was the farthest they could go, from there, Elizabeth was faced with the choice of stopping at being a diploma nurse or playing her own cards in order to fulfill all she set out to do in life, and she chose the latter.

“I don’t believe in limits, I just want to explore, look at other things so basically when you go to Korle Bu it’s a diploma that you have so I completed, started working, I worked for a year, I enrolled myself back to school, I went to Central University to top up so as to get a degree because education is broad, you may be working but we learn everyday. It’s not just formal education, it can be informal so you must open yourself up for learning everything,” she told ABC News.

Right from the beginning, Elizabeth said she was attracted to the nursing profession as she grew up seeing nurses going to work in their uniforms, then later, her love for handcrafts set in which made her want to be a fashion designer and law was her last, she told ABC News, “I just wanted to be a lawyer as well so those three were always with me as I was growing up. Every time, it’s either this one or that one and at the end of the day they’ve all started turning up.”

But how has she been able to combine law and nursing at the same time? Elizabeth disclosed that she sleeps at most 2 hours in every 24 hours to be able to get to where she is.

“It’s quite tedious, because there are two different thinkings in every aspect of it,” she added.

Elizabeth, like everyone else gets tired and wants to quit at some point but the thought of failing at something she has started just keeps her on track. She said, ‘I just can’t see myself failing at something.”

“There are times, waking up is just difficult because you are so tired, you are so overwhelmed by everything so the little time that you get to sleep, it is just not enough so you just sit back and you’re like why am i doing this to myself, why can’t I just say it’s over and just quit and live a “normal life” because you have to go to work, come back sleep, weekends you’re there…but for so many years you’re just chasing after one paper and going up and down, you don’t have any social life, even sleep you don’t have it. It’s just difficult so there are so many times I sit back and question myself why I’m doing this but at the end of the day I say once I’ve started I can’t stop it. If I didn’t start at all, it’s a different thing but I just can’t see myself failing,” she stated.

For now, though having two professions, the 35-year-old is undertaking a mandatory pupillage at a law firm after which she will receive her license to practice as a full time lawyer. But if she is faced with the options of choosing one out of her two carriers, Elizabeth said, “I would prefer still doing the nursing because I love doing that one and I will take it each and everyday but if a monetary opportunity comes which is better than what I’m doing, definitely I will go for it but if I was to choose it will still be my nursing.”

Miss Owusua has this advice for anyone who wants to give up.

“I will say they should still hold on. I say it always that it is not easy, maybe I was able to do it because I had a secured job so at least at the end of the month I know what I’m earning and you are able to plan your life around it

“Mostly you have to undergo so many personal pleasures, you will have your cycle of friends you started life with, because you may see them progressing or maybe living the good life, you also want it because you want to fit in but within a period of time you also know what you want in life, so you need to make so many sacrifices within that period. You must also know that whatever you want is within a period, it’s not forever so you need to sacrifice a lot to be able to gain what you want and then afterwards you can laugh.

“Fine, I had a source of income, but there were so many things I still wanted alongside, I am a woman, I wanted hair, I want shoes, I want dresses, I want so many things, you see people having it and then you also want it but at the end of the day it’s just one source of income so you have to juxtapose everything, if you use it for this one will you be able to pay your fees or buy the books? If not you have to forgo everything and a lot of social gatherings, a lot of people may desert you along the way but you also need to know there are so many sacrifices you need to make to be able to focus on your dream as well.”

Her most amazing memory on the road to achieving her goals is her group study colleagues in the law school who helped her to catch up on things she missed in class due to tiredness or business. Elizabeth said she is only glad to have met them at that point in her life.

Though she has not been able to achieve her fashion designing dream, Elizabeth says she still has the desire but due to lack of time, she will go back to it at her “leisure time”

Watch the interview below:

SourceABC News

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