Mahama will be prosecuted whether it leads to chaos in the country or not – John Boadu

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John Boadu, General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party has faulted the National Democratic Congress’ suggestion that Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu should put on hold the investigations into the controversial Airbus Bribery scandal to foster unity in the country.

According to the opposition party, there is likely to be chaos in the country should the Special Prosecutor proceed with the investigations because of the ties one of the invited suspects has with former President Mahama.

John Boadu, who found the submission unthinkable, insisted, provided the Court systems work and are functional, the prosecution will take place.

He added that it will be better for the country to experience civil unrest because of a good course than for corrupt deeds of persons be swept under the carpet because of Coronavirus.

John Boadu said in Twi, in an interview on Asempa FM, “How will this breed disunity? It is on good grounds even if it does breed disunity. It will deter people who become Presidents and are in places of authority from using their families and friends to amass wealth. So if we will fight in this country because we are ding something good but will eventually result in the betterment of this country, it is better.

“If we investigate someone and his name is Mahama, is that what will bring disunity? or is is it an acknowledgement that that person is related to Mahama and fronted for the country to purchase the planes. So once he is related to Mahama we should wait till after coronavirus? Is that the argument?” he added.

The Special Prosecutor, this week, invited one Samuel Mahama, purported to be the brother of former President John Mahama for investigation.

It is alleged that Samuel Mahama, together with a high ranking government official in the Mill-Mahama administrations between 2009 and 2015 took bribes to facilitate a purchase of aircraft from Airbus.

The NDC has denied any linkage between Samuel Mahama and John Mahama, who served as Vice President under Mills between 2009 and 2012 and became President between 2012 and 2015.

However, following the invitation of Samuel Mahama for questioning, the NDC has described Special Prosecutor’s work as diversionary and likely to cause chaos in these times the country is battling COVID-19.

But John Boadu dismissed the argument.

He argued, “From his logic, does that mean because there is Coronavirus, we should close down the Courts and stop them from operating? So if someone goes to commit a crime, say, stealing because of Coronavirus, we should let him go free? And if the President or the brother of the former President has done something we have to wait till after Coronavirus before we begin to prosecute him? The person in question isn’t based here. When we called him out, weren’t they insisting he is not the one? They said that is not the brother. What logic is that? That because of Coronavirus prosecution shouldn’t take place? When did these government officials become NDC members? They say Government Official 1 is not Mahama so why then do they want the special prosecutor to wait till after coronavirus before he continues his work? What suggestion is that”

“What do we need unity for? To do good or to do bad? How do you say we can’t have unity because President Mahama’s brother has allegedly engaged in corruption so when we investigate him there will be no peace?” he quizzed.



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