Let’s be humane in calls for total lockdown – Lawyer makes emotional appeal

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Private legal practitioner, Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyemang has appealed to a section of the public making calls for a total lockdown with high handedness to be very considerate of the plight of the vulnerable as they make such calls.

In a write up expressing his opinion on these insistent calls, Lawyer Opoku Agyemang observed that the majority of people calling for the total lockdown are the “affluent” who use themselves as the yardstick without paying attention to the less privileged.

“The effort to promote the lockdown requires us to be careful because this is not only a health issue but also socio development and national security issue. I believe you have a house or a comfortable room to lockdown yourself, you may have an adequate supply of food and other essentials for your survival. To be honest someone like me can stay in my house for over a month without stepping outside. My condition and circumstances should not be the standard,” the lawyer noted.

He, therefore, called for a critical analysis of the plight of the average household living in either Chorkor and Nima who are congested in a single room in a compound house and live on what they earn in a day.

“Can you imagine a household of 8 in a single room at Chorkor or Nima in a compound house being ordered to stay put? Some of them were only using these rooms as holding areas and then venture out from dusk to dawn. Now don’t forget even children are not going to school so it will compound the congestion.”

Based on this, Lawyer Opoku Agyemang called for empathy for these people even as the nation battles the pandemic.

Among a number of the suggestions, he called for the compulsory wearing of nose masks in public places and areas where the social distancing protocol is virtually not practicable.

“While championing the lockdown we also have to show empathy to the very poor living on the fringes of society,” he admonished.

He opined that “masks could be supplied freely as we supply food and let the education sink rather than demonisation. If care is not taken and we extend the lockdown and adopt high handed enforcement it can backfire and lead to unrest. What happened in James Town yesterday should be a warning.”


Source: ABCNewsgh.com

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