Joe Biden’s Ghanaian Advisor to join fight against Achimota School

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US-based Ghanaian Advisor to President Joe Biden, Adwoa Asamoah is said to have promised to join the fight against Achimota School for refusing to admit three students with dreadlocks.

Mother of one of the student, Maanaa Myers, who disclosed this in an interview on Kofi TV, monitored by ABC News, noted that the fight for her son’s rights is taking international dimension, as the US-based Ghanaian Advisor to US President Joe Biden called them and promised to join the fight on behalf of the boy and the family.

“Adwoa Asamoah called us and said they a bit busy with some stuff but when she settles down she will pick up the fight on our behalf from the international level – so this fight is going to get even bigger in the coming days,” she stated.

It would be recalled that some three first-year students placed in Achimota School by the Computer Placement System were denied admission because of their dreadlocks. The school asked them to cut off their dreadlocks before returning to school.

Whereas the parents of one of the students (female) have remained quite, those of the two boys and the victims themselves have been quite outspoken about the violation of their constitutional rights, threatening legal action.

Several individuals and institutions have had their go on the issue, with some supporting the school for insisting on their rules and regulations, while others held that any institutional regulation that are not consistent with individual rights protected by the 1992 Constitution are void.

Meanwhile, as the school insist on a no dreadlocks policy, Caucasian students with long hair have allegedly been given admission, even though the school’s own rules say ALL students must keep short hair.

Maanaa Myers and son

Maanaa Myers said for Rastafarians, cutting off one’s dreadlocks is worse than killing the person because their cardinal rule is “death before dishonor”.

She noted that dreadlocks, to them, is equal to the color of one’s skin, and so cutting it off on the orders of someone else, is equal to bleaching one’s skin because someone else insisted on it.

According to her, in the face of the current situation, they even considered home-schooling their son, which they have done before, when he was younger, and it worked perfectly.

“We have heard all the calls by people for us to home school our son. We have three sons and all three are very smart. We home-schooled them in their early ages. We only put them in the general school system due to pressure from friends and family, so home schooling them is not new to us at all,” he stated.

She explained further that there is an association of parents who home school their kids, of which they were members and that is how they created the environment for their kids to socialize and it worked well, except that the boys have now become used to the school system so they do not want to deny them.

Maanaa Myers debunked the allegation that Accra Academy had agreed to admit her son, saying that those were just from Ghanaians trolling Achimota School on social media.

Jamaican Tourists

Ras Aswad Nkrabea

Meanwhile, according to her, the husband, Ras Aswad Nkrabea, who is a Jamaican by birth, has been in Ghana for the past 20 years and has brought thousands of Jamaican tourists and settlers to Ghana, most of whom are now very upset about the way their kind is being treated in Ghana.

She said the husband is currently working on bring over 200 Jamaicans to Ghana this year, as part of the government’s Year of Return Agenda, but because of this incident, he has decided to discourage anymore tourists from Jamaica.

Maanaa Myers thinks the conduct of Achimota School gives a very bad message to the Diaporans, in that, they are encouraged to visit and settle in Ghana, and yet institutional rules and regulations work against them, while those same institutions make exceptions for expatriates.

“My husband is one of such Diasporan who was only given Ghanaian citizenship this year and yet he has contributed massively to tourism to Ghana while he was not even a Ghanaian – so he betrayed by the country he has loved and committed himself to all these years,” she said.

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