It is high time LGBTQI rights are respected – Inusah Fuseini

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Former NDC Member of Parliament, Inusah Fuseini has said it is time Ghana recognized gay rights.

Speaking in an interview on Okay FM, Mr. Inusah Fuseini said gay rights is “new rights” emerging and countries like Ghana would have to recognize them at some point.

“As a Muslim, I cannot be seen to be practicing it but that is me as a Muslim. But as a lawyer, I think new rights are emerging and it is time that we recognize the existence of those new rights,” he said.

Since Joe Biden came to power as the President of the United States, he has revived the conversation around gay rights all over again by issuing a threat to cut financial support and visa refusals to countries which do not uphold gay rights.

Following his threat, gave a boost to gay rights activists in Ghana, who commissioned an office at Tesano in Accra, with the open support of the European Union and Australian High Commission in Ghana.

But some government officials, various groups and individuals in the country have been up in arms against the LGBTQI advocacy group, to the extent that their new office was shut down on the orders of the President.

However, Inusah Fuseini believes Ghana is fighting a losing battle against gay rights, saying that “if we want to create a right-based society, it means that if someone has the right to do something, you cannot prevent that person from doing it.”

According to him, preventing a person from exercising their right means Ghana is no longer an open and rights-based society.

“Even in our Criminal Code, which we borrowed from our colonial masters, we have unnatural canal knowledge introduced by the British, but now that law is no longer in Britain, new ones were born because to them, that law violates some rights,” he stressed.

He believed people in the LGBTQI group practice their sexual orientation everyday in Ghana but on the quiet.

“Within the cultural context, many things happen on the quiet…homosexuality happens within our homes but underground because the cultural set up does not accept or tolerate it,” he stated.

Inusah Fuseini is of the view that as time goes on, some cultural practices will give way.

He recalled that “Once upon a time, people could not smoke wee in the whole world over but today we have found a way to make wee medicinal…in Ghana, ‘Akpeteshie’ used to be a banned substance initially but as time went on, the people accepted it. As new knowledge begins to emerge people will begin to understand.”

The former MP said his position on LGBTQI is not because the issue is trending but because he read a number of books on the subject matter and is now speaking about it with a better understanding.

“I have read a lot of books about homosexuality, queerness, lesbianism, so on. It is not something that started recently; it is a stone-age issue that can be traced in the Old Testament, but there has been a determined effort to keep society cohesive and to ensure that the God-right to multiply is not hindered. There have always been those practices, even in pre-historic time,” he stated.

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