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The Music drummed and played by the African cricket is one that draws its predators to it. Silence would have been golden for a man that has been served a heavy blow.

Fellow Ghanaian, apologise for typo errors but the message is what is important. And a message is either music or noise depending on the ear that listens to it. Some will love it and others will inevitably hate it. Well, my opinion expressed in words and would most certainly tickle the heart of the beholder.

So, it is me again, #Puobabangna with a thought-provoking question and piece. Like Patapaa’s music, ‘one corner’ I just dey my one corner wan write you this ‘Atta Adwoa’ (Heartbroken and heartfelt disappointment) piece after listening to our former president’s Mahama speech over and over again about the EC (of whom he once asked that we to allow to do their job) and their resoluteness to go on with the new register despite the so-called interparty NDC funded demonstrations.

I listened to him over and over again and ironically; had to even get an Ashanti dialect book closer and had to somewhat call the writers and originators of the dialect surprisingly used by the former president in addressing a situation that could be volatile if his words are taken seriously.

First, growing up, when someone tells you, if you don’t do this or that, or if you go ahead and do this and anything untoward was to happen, you will have yourself to blame; it was considered a strong-worded caution or threat that cannot be taken lightly. It is like having a heated argument or misunderstanding with someone and then after been separated, one of them goes like, ‘You will see’. We all know the implications of that if something was to happen to that fellow after such a phrase was said.

So what did the former president mean by, and I paraphrase, if the EC refuses and remains resolute and still goes ahead and creates a new register; then if anything (anything as in what?) Bad happens, then it is on them or they are to be blamed. In the first place, why will anything bad happen if we didn’t intend to cause it? Secondly, yes he stated some valid claims about the time (though their reasons for opposing the proposal for a new register have changed in the cause of few days like the words of a womanizer desperately trying to woe a new prey), why not give the benefit of doubt to the EC when they claimed they were prepared and up to task both financially and in human resource? In fact, his statement that followed was quite unfortunate and must be condemned in any uncertain terms especially coming from a former president and statesman like him. He is just indirectly beating a war drum by such statements.

Also, Have you noticed he chose to speak in a local dialect to invade foreign scrutiny and backlash? Very intelligently played if you ask me. Why do I say so? If the unfortunate does happen and he happens to be the culprit and dragged before court, he could simply say people are misinterpreting or misconstrue or not translating properly what he said, or he didn’t mean it that way or simply put, the Ashanti language isn’t his language so the choice of his words.

Very diabolic presence and intention if you would ask me. When the Ayawaso incidence unfortunately occurred, he chose to call foreign missions and people to a sitting and painted Ghana black and that the security situation under the President Nana Addo is very bad and a recipe for disaster.

To what means did he do that? What were his intentions by says that especially when he, unfortunately, had to call for ‘boot for boot’ in the coming elections which the ruling party’s vice intelligently played down in attempts to tone down the atmosphere by saying ‘boot for slippers’?

In fact, the posture and demeanor of the former president and his party clearly tell us they are heading into these elections with one focus. Win or chaos!

So in the event that it doesn’t go their way in which the signs are clear, then they must have reason to cause chaos and unrest and blame it on the NPP. I will come back to this shortly.

But before that, one would ask, why do I say the NDC stands or have a slim chance of winning? On what basis do I say that apart from the fact that I am a known sympathizer of the NPP? First, the NDC chose to bring back a candidate who lost woefully to the incumbent president as a sitting president. He is known to have courted the anger and displeasure of most Ghanaians especially, his own political party by sidelining most of the big wigs in the famous ‘Big wise men’ mantra. During his leadership, in his party, we currently have three factions with two of these (The late Prof. Mills faction and the still alive and vibrant former president Rawlings faction and brewing effect) suppressed before recovery by his side of the faction with no chance for reconciliation or attempts to do so anytime soon. I have been on record to say that, the same mistakes that took Mahama to the opposition are those same mistakes that will very likely or most certainly keep him there.

To my second point. We are less than a year to elections and Mahama is yet to name any worthy successor to our late former vice president and his running mate Mr Amissah. Who is his vice-presidential candidate or who is worthy and powerful enough to nullify or much the effect of our vice president Dr Bawaumia? That is Mahama’s headache now. Whoever he chooses, will either make or unmake his fortunes and might even boost or unboost the current silent hostile atmosphere within the NDC caucus.

Third point. What is the NDCs campaign message? How soon will they come out with a catchy and more convincing message that will topple the current governments? What message will they carry around that will be too convincing enough to change the perception of Ghanaians about Mahama and the reasons that led to his brutal and merciless exit from government? It is far easier to convince a lady you have never met that you are trustworthy and honest than a lady you already knew, abused, and broken her trust in you. A lady who has since moved and is with another man. Though your memories still linger in her mind while she is with another man (Prez Nana Addo), the hurt and disappointment you caused her is still deep that it would require a special miracle to get her back. My ladies who have experienced such heartbreak and disappointment in their love life can fully comprehend and relate to this. This, unfortunately, is the sad situation of the former president Mahama.

Other reasons that might hurt the fortunes of Mahama heading into the elections will be his track record which though promising, seems to have been matched with some interventions from the current government. Notable is the Free Senior High School (FSHS) initiative introduced by them. An initiation that I choose to refer to as the ‘Propellor on which a Nation Must Develop’. Any nation that prioritizes education over anything else even when it is evident that they are struggling is a nation that means business in its quest to develop and one that will and must develop either now or in the near future. A knowledge-based country develops faster than wildfire or the speed of light.

That not said, corruption a political epidemic and outbreak with traces in every government that has ever ruled this country and still hovers over it is one that could be a game-changer. The question will be, who is more corrupt or who is caught in it? There are huge speculations of corruption within the ruling government, sadly I must admit as a sympathizer but that is just it; mere speculations until proven beyond doubt. But wait, how come Mahama’s name seems to never disappear anytime corruption is mentioned even in opposition.

It seems like the case of a man whose name continues to linger in the minds and hearts of several virgins ladies (country in this case) as a known and notable womanizer (a corrupt person) anytime broken hearts (Corruption in the country) is mentioned. We woke to the Embraer and Airbus issue which still has very thick clouds hovering over the head of the previous administration with every meaning Ghanaian wondering who the mysterious person of interest No. 1 is. This is an international disgrace most people would say especially if our country’s name is mentioned and associated with corruption on international media.

This is a news item or something that must never be taken likely. But for the infamously flying and disappearing effect of Evacuators and Motor tricycles, this would have been a massive political point for the ruling government, the NPP. I am not a happy man and I believe most well-meaning Ghanaians and even strong members of the ruling political party, the NPP, feel the same. We need heads to roll so we make heads way in the fight against corruption. Galamsey is cancer that must be destroyed and buried in the deepest part of the earth. Why destroy our land and water bodies? Mr President, I know you to be an action man with a good heart towards the development of Ghana; please do something NOW!

To conclude and by going back to my initial statement in reference; I would like to say by quoting that, when two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers most. WE NEED PEACE ABOVE ALL THINGS IN A YEAR OF ELECTION THAT BEACONS.

Just as the former president is sited to have previously in his administration admonish Ghanaians to allow the EC to do its job, we want to, as a matter of fact, give this same advice to him. Mr former president, Mahama, with all due respect to your and your party, the NDC, please allow the EC to do their work. If you like, you can change them in the unlikely event that you win. Unlikely because I don’t see you winning and as a sympathizer and advocate of the NPP. Sorry but that is just it with all due respect.

There is a saying by the Ashanti people, and I paraphrase, if you happen to be passing or pass by the window of someone, be it an enemy or not, and you hear him/her advising the ward, you listen, pick the advice that is good and use it. Hence, though I am NOT a sympathizer of the NDC, far from that, I would love to say, and you (you as in Former President Mahama and the NDC) would agree that there are some political punchline that has hit some notes of reasons that would advise you on what better decisions to take.

I love NPP but I love My Country Ghana the most!

Happy Valentine’s

Source: Victor Plance Puobabagna 

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