Ideologically bankrupt NDC begs the general public for manifesto ideas

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The opposition National Democratic Congress has shown, time without number why it amounts to a tragic waste of valuable time bestowing it with attention.

The party, before its humiliating defeat in the 2016 elections, was labelled as incompetent due to the lethargic manner in which the country was governed. The economy, many came to accept as a sacred fact, was on autopilot as things went haywire under the Mahama regime. The slumpy economic stagnation Ghanaians were subjected to was too obvious to elude the electorate.

About two weeks ago, the opposition party came up with a 20-man contingent tasked to work on the 2020 manifesto of the party. The ‘best’ brains of the party were handpicked by Mr. Mahama to work on the manifesto for the 2020 elections.

While Ghanaians are waiting expectantly to peruse what the party has in store for us, a letter on the party’s letterhead and signed by Peter Boamah Otukonor, the Deputy General Secretary in charge of operations, has been written for the consumption of the general public.

Entitled ‘NDC Requests for Policy Memoranda from Public for 2020 Manifesto’, the opposition party is soliciting ideas from the very Ghanaians they intend to rule over to write their manifesto.

The letter, in paragraph two states; ‘The objective to develop a grassroots manifesto, is driven by need to give meaning to our Social Democratic principles of inclusivity and mass participation in the pursuit of growth and development of our country’

The above quotation is a clear admission that the NDC’s claim to social democratic principles is a sham. They have been preaching social democracy for years without adhering to its tenets. It stands to reason that the NDC has been bereft of an ideology for years despite their claim to have one.

Subjecting this unholy demand for ideas from the general public into perspective, one can conclusively state that the NDC lacks innovative minds. The party is bereft of ideas to write their manifesto, hence this public plea for the general public to help them with ideas to come up with the manifesto.

Since they are soliciting ideas from the general public, one can conclude that they cannot implement the same. The NDC, prior to election 2008 promised a one-term premium payment policy. Since the National Health Insurance Scheme was not generated by them, they could not fulfill their promise.

A party in opposition should be a cistern of knowledge and ideas from which others can tap for the advancement of our democracy. The NDC has proven to be bankrupt in ideas even in opposition. It would be a tragedy to have such a myopic group lead Ghana after the 2020 polls.

This strange and unwholesome demand by the NDC from the general public dovetails into John Mahama’s constant refrain of reviewing virtually everything being implemented. One thing remains unvarnished, and that is the fact that Mr. Mahama and his party people, should they be voted for, would rule with ideas not generated by they themselves but by the people they are to govern.

The students, in this case, are being asked to supply the teachers and the headmaster with ideas and skills which would be used to train them. The students are more knowledgeable than the headmaster and his teachers.

It is safer concluding that the opposition National Democratic Congress is replete with ‘visionless’ ideological dinosaurs who know next to nothing in coming up with ideas that can help the growth and development of this country.

Source: P.K. Sarpong

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