Here is what transpired when Manasseh Azure followed up on his request for information from Council of State Secretariat

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Award winning investigative journalist, Manasseh Azuri Awuni has voiced out the frustration he is going through at the Council of State Secretariat following his request for information under the Right to Information Act.

According to The Fourth Estate journalist, he cannot fathom why the secretariat is dragging its feet in releasing the information which has already been granted to the Host of Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV, Paul Adom Otchere on silver platter to The Fourth Estate.

Manasseh Azuri in a Facebook post noted that the same Council of State Secretariat the released information to Paul Adom Otchere within a day after his request is failing to grant him the same information 2 weeks after his request for same.

The journalist has therefore recounted the frustration he was made to go through at the secretariat when he followed up on his request yesterday.

Find below the post of Manasseh Azure on his encounter at the secretariat;

Two weeks ago, I requested information from the Council of State–the state institution that holds the record of granting the fastest information request under the Right to Information Act.

(The Council of State gave the same or similar information to Paul Adom-Otchere on June 7 for his show before he even requested it. Paul applied for the documents on June 8 and had them on June 9 for the second show he had on Togbe Afede XIV).

I followed up yesterday to track the progress of my request.

At the Reception: Go to the Registry.

At the Registry: Go to the secretary upstairs.
Secretary: Have you gone to the registry?
Me: Yes, that’s where I was directed here.
Secretary: Okay, wait for me.
[She disappeared into an office, spent what appeared like a long time and returned to me.]
Secretary: My boss is not around so you will have to come later.
Me: What’s the status of my request.
Secretary [After hesitation]: From what I gather, it is either being worked on it it has been worked on, but my boss is not around.
Me: When is your boss coming back?
Secretary: I cannot tell.
Me: Can I get a telephone number to call and follow up on the progress so that I don’t drive all the way here and not meet your boss?
Secretary: We don’t have a telephone number.
Me: The Council of State secretariat does not have a landline or an official telephone number?
Secretary: No, we don’t have any official line.
I shook my head and left. The Fourth Estate does not give up. We will follow up and bring you the information that you’re entitled to have.


SourceABC News

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