DKB, self-styled Akuapem Poloo manager battle over fundraiser

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Comedian DKB and one Divine Jones, who claims to be the manager of incarcerated actress Akuapem Poloo are in a war of words over a fundraiser for the actress.

DKB reported initiated the fundraiser for Akuapem Poloo with her permission, using her own mobile money number and bank account for the deposits.

But the self-styled manager claims DKB did not inform Akuapem Poloo’s management and he just put an unfamiliar phone number and a bank account out there for the purpose.

In a viral video, DKB, who was visibly angry, accused Jones of being an imposter, a fraud a liar for claiming to be Akuapem Poloo’s manager even though he has no management contract with her.

According to him, per his conversations with Akuapem Poloo, Jones is just someone who comes around and tries to help with her career but she had no management contract with him.

DKB also shamed Jones for claiming the the phone number put out was not familiar, when in fact it was Akuapem Poloo’s personal line, which he as a supposed manager should have known, if indeed he was her manager.

He is therefore threatening to sue Jones for defaming him and subjecting him to public vilification and ridicule as someone who set out to take advantage of Akuapem Poloo’s plight to raise money for his personal benefit.

According to him, he had for many years shepherding Akuapem Poloo on how to navigate the ropes of the industry and that is how come her fame has reached where it is now, but he does not even claim to be her manager.

“You are an imposter and a fraud and I will sue you for what you have done to my image. We are now in a law era so no need for me to beef with you. This matter will not go unsolved. This country will become very uncomfortable for you when the law comes after you,” he said in the video directed at Jones.

Akuapem Poloo, who recently in a viral video with DKB kissing and pretending they were lovers, was incarcerated for 90 days for posting a nude picture of herself squatting before her seminude seven-year-old son on the boy’s birthday.

She was convicted on her own guilty plea, and she went to jail telling her fans she is strong, but they should pray for her.

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